Co.act Detroit

Strengthening Southeast Michigan’s Nonprofit Sector

Our unique role in Southeast Michigan’s nonprofit ecosystems is accelerating collaboration that alleviates systemic barriers to nonprofit growth, evolution, and sustainability for nonprofits.
We listen deeply to and work with funders, investors, practitioners, nonprofits, and community leaders, allowing ideas to flourish and resources to converge. We deliver exceptional programs and learning opportunities that are open to all.

Our Work

We aim to advance equity by facilitating collaborative idea generation, providing access to cross-sector resources, and offering tailored programming and learning opportunities. Co.act envisions a future where systemic barriers that undermine community power and success are overcome through a culture of collaborative action and equitable access to priority resources. We listen deeply to and work with nonprofits, community leaders, funders, and service providers, allowing ideas to flourish and resources to converge. We offer best-in-class programs and a radically inclusive space for ideas to flourish and resources to converge.

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Our Story

Co.act Detroit launched in 2019 to respond to systemic challenges within the nonprofit sector. We were conceived through a collaborative process that brought together diverse perspectives from Detroit nonprofits, funders, entrepreneurs, and service providers to explore innovative solutions.

As an organization dedicated to testing new approaches for elevating nonprofit capacity, Co.act opened its doors and quickly built a culture of collaboration. We became a trusted member of the nonprofit ecosystem, working to advance equity and drive transformational change.

Co.act provides exceptional in-person and virtual programs rooted in local wisdom and national best practices. We aim to meet organizations where they are and provide tailored resources to help nonprofits achieve their missions. Fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and leveraging cross-sector resources remain core to our approach.

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Our Team

Meet our dedicated staff and visionary partner organizations, and discover the collaborative spirit that drives us forward.

Co.act Detroit

6568 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202
Tuesday through Friday | 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
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Our Space

Our space is a natural gathering spot for:

  • Fostering connections
  • Inspiring fruitful discussions
  • Nurturing collaborative solutions

Our Partners