Work With Us

We have distributed more than $7.5 million with a community-centered approach to collective grantmaking. We are always learning and invite funding partners to learn alongside and with us to reimagine how they can more equitably distribute resources to nonprofits.

Participatory Grantmaking

Collaboration is key to creating change and achieving our vision of a more connected nonprofit ecosystem. Residents. Youth. Nonprofit founders. Parents. Community development organizations. These are just a few examples of who we invite to the table to shape the distribution of resources.

Naming The Funding Gap

When we measure our impact, we include a measure of who is not funded. For example, in our first round of KIP:D+, we fulfilled nine percent of the total grant requests, which totaled $18M and would, in turn, leverage $46.8M in economic impact were all community projects completed. We convene philanthropic partners to explore how we better coordinate resources to fund more projects or connect the many unfunded applicants to available resources.

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