How might we remove the barriers faced by nonprofits?

We understand the most complex issues require diverse perspectives and experiences. We bring nonprofits, funders, corporations, and service providers together to dream of ways to tackle our region’s most pressing concerns.

Our approach is two-fold 


We support collaboration through programs like grants, peer-learning cohorts, and workshops and serve as a space for organizations to connect.


We collaborate with like-minded initiatives and groups, globally and locally.

When we collaborate, we…

Act Together

We engage in partnerships that allow us to do work together, not do work on behalf of or for.

Tell Stories

We listen to and share stories that further shared goals, like deconstructing systemic challenges, shifting power dynamics, and revealing innovative strategies.

Create Ease

Nonprofits have enough on their plate. We look for ways to remove barriers and streamline engagement opportunities.

Are Led By Residents

The community knows best. We involve residents and leaders who can provide a diverse, holistic representation of the communities we serve.

Practice Patient Capital

We work with funders to address real-time and systemic needs.

Center Equity, Access, And Inclusion

We act to close racial gaps in leadership, funding, and governance by amplifying perspectives from traditionally excluded people.

Move With Transparency And Trust

We meet people where they are and work with diverse participants to set goals, align priorities, and remove barriers to resources.

Inspire A Collaborative Learning Culture

We collaborate with nonprofits and a broad network of partners to share learning, explore best practices, and solve complex problems.

Disrupt The Status Quo

We explore ideas, pilot new programs, and hold courageous convenings to accelerate lasting change.



Collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and resource-leveraging remain at the core of our mission. Here are ways to tap into collaborative conversations and opportunities with Co.act.