Cross-Sector Collaboration Series

Purpose and Problem Solving Collaboration Series

Purpose + Problem Solving Collaboration Series

This series brought a cross-sector audience of leaders from the philanthropic, corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors together to explore collaborative vision-building with tools for growth, impact, and inclusion. During a series of four 90-minute, virtual sessions participants:

  • Co-created ideas to our region’s most pressing social challenges using an innovation and possibility thinking approach
  • Learned tactical tools and skills including how to utilize Adventurous Thinking Five Lenses and EPIC Resilience tools for resilience, inclusion and insights
  • Built and deepened relationships with nonprofit and community leaders from around the region with a shared interest in social impact for our communities

The series was facilitated by Sally Dominguez, an internationally-known futurist, entrepreneur and multi-award-winning designer on Faculty at Singularity University as a 10X Mindset expert.

Negative Space 

Tuesday, September 20, 11AM-12:30PM

Understanding how to identify and then optimize Negative Space in a system, campaign or strategy to expand functionality and impact.


Thinking Sideways 

Tuesday, September 27, 11AM-12:30PM

Understanding implicit bias and practicing some tools to somewhat circumvent it including the DeTest tool

Thinking Backwards

Tuesday, October 4, 11AM-12:30PM

Understanding circular economies and Cradle to Cradle sustainability in how it relates to systems, campaigns and outreach. Have we planned how our outreach should end? Knowing the timeframe are our inputs as economical, robust and impactful as possible? The extremely useful Backcasting Tool.

EPIC Resilience

Tuesday, October 11, 11AM-12:30PM

Do our stakeholders have the resilience to thrive in continuing uncertainty? How can we ensure that all our outreach and connections reaches and uplifts those feeling powerless and afraid? How can we promote inclusive idea-sharing as part of our expanded impact?