Branding is Spiritual

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Hear from Chris Grindem , one of DO MORE GOOD’s top-rated speakers, as he shares insight on how brands appeal to the emotional and spiritual aspects of their audience. A great workshop for all charities who wish to captivate and retain their audience through meaningful communication.

Are you in touch with your spirit? Or perhaps you call it your intuition or gut feeling? That little voice in the back of your mind?

A person’s spirit is essential to their life. It’s how we help navigate through the myriad of decisions we make each day. After a lot of pondering, and connecting the dots in my work with branding, I’m convinced branding is fundamentally spiritual. It affects which stores we prefer. The brands we seek out. The new ones we take notice of. Or not. I invite you to learn about my thesis that branding is spiritual. Take a look at the evidence I’ve compiled. And most importantly, please help advance this idea if you see what I see… (Pun intended)

Lunch will be provided.

Cost: $25 for general public and free to DO MORE GOOD members

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