Dinner for 30 featuring Marlin Williams

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

What happens when live storytelling and cooking collide?

A multi-sensory experience that encourages people to bridge cultural divides.

We will invite a cook to prepare a food dish that is connected to their fondest memory and tell a story about it. At the end of their story, the audience of 30 will taste the dish. We’re aiming to host and feature 10 dishes and accompanying 10 stories in the upcoming Detroit Story Cookbook.

Who is the featured storyteller?

We’ve invited Marlin Williams, Assistant VP of Wayne State’s Office of Economic Development, to share a story about surrendar. She will be joined by her Delta line sister, Marcileen C. Pruitt, a civil litigator and Administrative Hearing Officer. Together they will offer an evening of introspection, laughter, good food and insightful stories.

What is the dish?

Vegan spaghetti, with garlic breadsticks (vegetarian), and cupcakes.

Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

What are the details?

Your ticket comes with a meal, drinks, and dessert.

Tickets are $20.

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This event is sponsored by Co.act Detroit.

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