Fostering a Culture of Team Care: Ecosystems of Wellness Equity

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Are you looking to explore new wellness tools to practice with your team to shift the culture at your nonprofit?

Join us for a new session as part of our Nonprofit Wellbeing Series featuring Nonprofit Wellness’ co-founders: Susan Comfort, RYT and Tyecia Powell, M.Ed. Nonprofit Wellness is dedicated to reframing stress and improving staff well-being at schools and nonprofits.

These facilitators will lead an interactive workshop to uplift strategies and tools for nonprofit leaders to consider when cultivating “team-care,” or, at least, a culture of wellness that meets the needs of your team.

This session will support participants in leading their own “wellness equity” or “team care” sessions, using a variety of Nonprofit Wellness tools that touch on:

  • How team members can self-prescribe stress relief strategies.
  • How one might evaluate their identity and circumstance stressors, and related opportunities for growth and joy.
  • How to use a variety of other tools to spark conversations, assess a team’s wellness needs, and plan a post-pandemic ecosystem of resilience and retention.

Participants will have the opportunity to share ideas on planning as well as cultural and leadership wellness practices to inspire staff year-round.

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Nonprofit Wellness

Nonprofit Wellness is dedicated to reframing stress & improving staff well-being at schools and nonprofits. 

The team-based, trauma-informed trainings are designed to inspire lasting culture shifts among staff members, to keep adults inspired for world-changing work. Tyecia is a career educator and coach, and Susan is a long-time nonprofit manager and yoga teacher; their perspectives combine to create helpful tools that stressed-out staff can put to immediate use.

The 501(c)3 is based in D.C. and mixes experience, science, art, and humor into  Team-Care (better than Self-Care!) activities.  To learn more about this impactful organization, visit

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