You’re committed to improving the lives and wellbeing of people in your community. But the last 18 months have been difficult. COVID has disrupted our professional lives, increased demands on our home lives, and blurred lines between working at home and living at work.

Are you working more, but feel like you’re getting less done? Are you emotionally exhausted from all uncertainty, back-to-back virtual calls? Are increased emails, calls, texts, and meetings consuming your life and stifling your team’s productivity?

If you answered yes, join Beth Kanter, nonprofit thought leader, virtual facilitator, and author of The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Impact without Burnout as part of our Nonprofit Wellbeing Series for an interactive session.

The session will focus on how to redefine our work-life balance as we consider returning to in-person work and how we set up a culture of wellbeing and teamwork to sustain us moving forward. She will facilitate an engaging session on zoom while sharing tips to help you maintain work-life balance during this difficult time and help you succeed as we return to a new normal.

The goals of the workshop are to introduce participants to:

  • A summary of recent research on why work-life balance, self-care, and creating a culture of wellbeing is essential
  • Simple concepts and low-cost tips for creating more energy in your home/work life
  • What’s needed to activate a culture of wellbeing working remotely or in a hybrid workplace model


Participant Agenda and Resources

(Recorded November 3, 2021)