Breath Brake at Co.act

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Join us inside the Co.act Detroit space as we welcome Rabbi G to host a relaxing and powerful “Breath Brake® Seminar” as part of our Nonprofit Wellbeing Series.

Chronic stress is the number one danger to our lives and health. In organizations, stress breaks down communication and challenges productivity. Simple breathing techniques can help stop the negative effects of stress, and this in-person session will introduce you to the empowered, focused breathing and martial arts relaxation techniques taught by CNN Hero Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg using the lessons of the powerful young warriors of Kids Kicking Cancer.

Created in 1999, Kids Kicking Cancer was founded by Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg also known as Rabbi G, a black belt father, author, and clinical assistant professor of pediatrics. Since then, Kids Kicking Cancer expanded from servicing only pediatric cancer patients, into the creation of the Heroes Circle®, an initiative dedicated to lowering the pain and stress of all children.

The award-winning international program teaches children who are facing the pain and fear of disease how to employ martial arts therapies that positively impact their lives and manage their stress. These same techniques ae extraordinary effective for adults facing challenging stress.

Dr. Gianni De Crescenzo, Medical Director at Pfizer, Italy, described: “The Kids Kicking Cancer seminar is a wonderful program that has great benefit to the health, focus and effectiveness of employees. One of my colleagues who saw the presentation in New York brought this seminar to Rome to teach the workers of Pfizer, Italy the same techniques. The response was very enthusiastic and we are still doing the Breath Brake®.”

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Please note: This session will be hosted in-person at Co.act Detroit, which is located at 6568 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48202. Please only register if you are able to attend. Contact Co.act’s Program Manager, Charnae Sanders at if you have any questions.

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