Time Isn’t Neutral: Power, Time, and the Workplace

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Many of us in the nonprofit sector are constantly in a state of time famine. We are often exhausted and burned out from having too much work to do and too little time.

We’re trained by social systems and institutions to think of time as a resource that needs to be managed and optimized. We connect efficiency and productivity with career success. This thinking also extends to the workplace where we measure how we use our time through very few and specific lenses–length, intensity, and output. What is possible when we re-evaluate our individual relationship with time as well as our organizational perception of time?

Join Co.act for a virtual 2-hour workshop co-facilitated by Desiree Adaway and Jessica Fish of The Adaway Group as part of our Nonprofit Wellbeing Series.

In the workshop, we will explore:

  • Relationships with time, productivity, and self-worth on an individual level
  • Different orientations to time in the workplace–monochronic, polychronic, cyclical
  • Processes, tools, and practices to develop more humane and equitable relationships to time in the workplace
Register Here

Looking for a mini-training opportunity for your team? Invite your colleagues to join you when registering. This workshop serves as a great professional development opportunity for teams looking to explore the topics of time and power in the workplace in an engaging way.

Contact Co.act’s Program Manager, Charnae Sanders at charnae@coactdetroit.org if you have any questions. If you are interested in attending this virtual session, please register below.

Desiree Adaway: She/Her, Principal of The Adaway Group

Desiree Adaway, founder and principal of the Adaway Group, is one of the nation’s preeminent DEI consultant-facilitators with over 25 years of experience creating, leading, and managing international multicultural teams in 40 countries through major organizational change. In 2020, when racial unrest mandated broader and deeper understanding of equity and the pandemic introduced strict travel and meeting constraints, Desiree’s adaptability and expertise enabled her and her team to educate over 40,000 people on the most crucial issues of our time.

As Senior Director of Mobilization for Habitat for Humanity, she was responsible for the overall strategy and DEI plan for 1600 U.S. affiliates and over one million volunteers worldwide. Known as an open facilitator, Desiree educates with straightforward, thought-provoking content that allows participants to confront their own biases and seek new paths forward. In today’s social climate, a foundation of equity is needed in every organization. Working with the best is vital. The Adaway Group brings critical knowledge and a commitment to actionable change to each engagement.

Jessica Fish: She/Her, COO and Senior Consultant & Trainer at The Adaway Group

Jessica is a facilitator, consultant, and researcher with fifteen years of experience helping organizations center racial equity. As a facilitator she works with teams to help them develop the skills to have difficult conversations around identity and power. She is dedicated to helping white people do the deep introspection, unlearning, and skill-building required to become actively anti-racist.

As a consultant, Jessica believes deeply in the power and importance of anti-oppressive policy and practices. “Policy is our values made tangible.” Through an equity informed approach, she supports organizations to reform current policies and co-create new ones. Jessica is an engaging online educator, and her DEI training programs have reached over 40,000 people. She was the founding Director of the Center for Global, Race and Diversity Studies at the University of New Hampshire. She holds degrees in gender and race studies and a master’s in comparative religion from Harvard University.

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