Meet the Team: Charnae Sanders

Apr 10, 2023

What have you been working on and/or thinking about lately?

I have been working on numerous programs and reflecting on next steps of programs that wrapped up toward the end of 2022.  One of the programs I have been spending creative energy and time on is our Nonprofit Wellbeing Series. I am excited about the lineup of sessions that we have this year and the content and tools that will be shared with those in our sector. I’m also thinking about where Co.act is in our evolution.

I really hope people are excited for this new level of growth and exploration that Co.act is going through. We’re getting clearer about who we are, how we’re trying to show up in the community, how that complements our other partners in this impactful work, and the ways that we can show up with intentionality and boldness.

Charnae Sanders
Program Manager

What are you most excited about sharing with our community? 

Here are a few things that I am thrilled to be sharing this year:

  • The Nonprofit-Funder Dialogue Report: Throughout 2022, in partnership with the Johnson Center, we held candid dialogues between nonprofit and foundation leaders to share what was on their minds and hearts when it came to the issue of getting more resources to BIPOC leaders. The beautiful thing that came out of that was a space where people were able to show up authentically and transparently. Folks were able to say: “Yes, let’s talk about how we can use these resources, but first, let’s address the harm that has been done — let’s talk about the uncomfortable issues of history, what needs to be addressed and the things that desperately need repair.” I’m really excited now that we’re finally getting a report on the experience finalized and ready to share with the community. Because this conversation is one that’s happening in different circles and affects so many different people.
  • The quarterly Nonprofit Wellbeing Series: This year, people can expect to join us as we go deeper into what it looks like to activate cultures of wellbeing within organizations. What does it really mean to shift the cultures of work? We’ve been having a fun experience having these conversations through different modalities, whether it’s through the Nonprofit Wellbeing series or through the Natural Collisions podcast. Coming up in May, I’m excited that we’ll have Dr. Leah Weiss joining us to talk about what it looks like to cultivate compassion and belongingness in teams. And further on, we’re excited to be working with other national thought leaders like Nonprofit Wellness and the Wellbeing Project. We’ll be exploring what it looks like to organize and create policies and practices that support the wellbeing of organization. We’ll even talking about some of the bigger issues that impact society, like intergenerational trauma and how that affects changemakers personally and professionally.
  • The Wellbeing Toolkit: This toolkit will include resources that were uplifted by past facilitators of our Nonprofit Wellbeing Series as well as practices and tools from other thought leaders and organizations outside of southeast Michigan. I am confident that people will find some resources in this toolkit that meets their interests and needs. This toolkit wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Misk Aldulaimy, one of our former interns who worked with us as part of the University of Michigan’s Wolverine Pathways program. She spent weeks pulling together an array of resources that could support our community’s holistic wellbeing from a personal, organizational and sector level. I am looking forward to our community taking advantage of these resources and supporting us in growing the toolkit with even more tools over time.
Charnae Sanders, program manager, meets with members of the Collaborative Leaders’ Learning Circle
At our launch in 2019, a Nonprofit-Funder dialogue panel helps lay the groundwork for our collaboration with the Johnson Center
A gathering of the Collaborative Leaders’ Learning Circle, a cohort program led by Charnae

What are you reading/watching/consuming for work or for pleasure? 

I have been consuming a lot of amazing live music lately! Several of my favorite artists have announced or started touring this year, so I have been making plans to catch them when they are in the city. Last month, I was able to see Ari Lennox at The Fillmore and New Edition at Little Caesar’s Arena. Both of the concerts were absolutely incredible! I am looking forward to seeing Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran among others this summer.

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