Meet the Team: Jaclynn Louden

Oct 2, 2023

How long have you been with Co.act & what brought you to this work? 

I started at TechTown Detroit as a Community Ambassador in June of 2018 and started receiving calls about the “nonprofit center.” I had no knowledge about or experience in the nonprofit sector but the more I learned about what was going on, the more I wanted to be a part of it… the “nonprofit center” that became Co.act Detroit. So I officially joined in December of 2018 and have been here through the soft launch, the opening, COVID, everything!


What have you been working on and/or thinking about lately?

I’m gearing up for the final “Drop-in Workday” of 2023 on October 26th. We started them in May as a way to reactivate our space and get the community back in the doors, where we can truly collaborate. After each drop-in day, I’ve been focusing on what worked and what we can do better to provide space and resources to the nonprofit community. One example is making the Candid database available for folks to do research on potential funders; this is a free service but can only be used in our actual location. We’re hearing folks say that they need more access to this tool so we’re thinking about how to broaden the reach in 2024.

Another big thing that’s on my mind is the launch of our Resource Library. I think most people already know about and use our Virtual Resource Library – where you can watch videos of workshops and seminars, etc. from our website. Now, we’re going to have a library of “tools” that nonprofits can use to elevate their stories – such as a drone kit or camera kit – free of charge. So we’ve been working on the logistics and testing out the platform for reserving these resources that will live on the website.



Jaclynn Louden
Goes by Jacki
Community Manager

What are you most excited about sharing with our community?

I want the community to know that they’ll be seeing more in-person activities coming back to the Co.act space. In addition to the drop-in days, we’ve got a few events coming up. Nonprofit Centers Network (NCN) is hosting their conference in late October and Co.act will be hosting a dinner on the 25th, bringing together their board and their partners.

And then in November, we’ll be hosting a session of the Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF) conference, an immersive experience where attendees can visit Co.act and experience our new suite of hybrid offerings.

And even though it’s not until June of next year, I’m already thinking about how we’ll celebrate Co.act’s five-year anniversary with our community and our team!

What ideas or concepts have informed your approach to work and programming in 2023?

I’m all about the “natural collisions” that happen at Co.act. I love watching the evolution of the space, how it’s growing into this beautiful manifestation of collaboration and connection. We’ve been listening to our community from the beginning and we are always looking for ways to be responsive to their needs.


What are you reading/watching/consuming for work or for pleasure?

I’m a wife to an amazingly supportive man and mother of six, four of whom are at home, so my time away from work is really focused on them.

Being a mom keeps me busy but I’m a learner. I’ve been able to achieve my Associates degree in the arts and recently graduated with my Nonprofit Management certificate from Oakland University. My time at Co.act has really led me to tailor my professional development in ways that support my purpose as a servant-leader in our community.
I’m trying to practice what we preach as it relates to well-being so I take advantage of the offerings from the Wellbeing Series which are really helping me learn how to care for myself.

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