Meet the Team: Esteria Rogan

Jul 14, 2023

What have you been working on and/or thinking about lately?

We’ve recently presented a series of training sessions called Fundraising Unpacked, which offers a lot of information about how to use the tools from Candid is a great tool for nonprofits who want to research potential funders and funding opportunities – and present information about their organization for funders to find.

Right now, I’m thinking a lot about how we present the next level of this training to our community. Meanwhile, the seven sessions that we’ve already presented are available online for anyone to watch, whenever it’s convenient for them. They are on our website at

What are you most excited about sharing with our community?

Co.act Detroit is a Candid Funding Network Information Provider, which means that we can offer access to Candid’s tools from our office. For example, the Foundation Directory lists virtually every funder in the US and by making this tool available, the Detroit-area nonprofits that we serve can do research on potential funding opportunities.

This access is only available during our Drop-In Work Days but I can see that lots of folks are interested in; in fact, we had 26 people signed up to use the Foundation Directory during our June Drop-in Work Day. So I’m also thinking about how we can expand this access. Sign up for our next Drop-in Work Days on September 28 and October 26!

One way that nonprofits can get direct access to Candid’s Foundation Directory is to earn a 2023 Gold Seal of Transparency. There are some steps you have to complete, but if you do, your nonprofit can get their own access for a year, for free! Here’s a webpage with the details, and there’s also a workshop on this topic in the Fundraising Unpacked series.

Esteria Rogan
Executive Assitant

Members of our community gather at Co.act Detroit’s June 28 Drop-in Work Day

What ideas or concepts have informed your approach to work and programming in 2023?

My role is primarily on the operational side of Co.act Detroit. It keeps me very busy but I was also feeling disconnected from the programs, the actual work of Co.act in our community. That’s why I volunteered to be the point person for Candid. I am really excited about the impact it will have on our area’s nonprofits.

Nonprofit professionals gather at Co.act to use the Foundation Directory, Candid’s database of funding opportunities

What are you reading/watching/consuming for work or for pleasure?

I’m very active in my church community and with running a small event business with my cousins. We do everything from baby showers to weddings and I love the creativity we can bring to these events. When I’ve got some free time, I love to watch Law & Order; I’m sure I’ve watched every episode more than once!

Esteria Rogan, Co.act executive assistant, at our June 28 Drop-in Work Day

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